Breast Lifting Care helps to remove excess skin and tighten the surrounding tissue to create a more youthful breast contour. This treatment is suitable for those who feel self-conscious about the deflation of their breast and wishes to restore it to a more feminine and natural position.

When you hear the term “breast massage,” you might think of breast self-exams for lumps. But there’s a whole other kind of breast massage that’s much more pleasurable than a self-check (though you should definitely be doing those, too!).

Breast massage is meant to be a practice of self-love, first of all, and if done correctly and with consent from the client, it can help with stress relief, improving circulation, and releasing pain and breast tenderness.

Curious? Here’s what happens during a breast massage, how it can potentially improve your breast health, and how to practice some self-care on your own breasts.

What exactly is a breast massage?

So, again, a breast massage is not the same thing as a breast self-exam, which is also crucial to evaluating your normal breast health (some studies have found that 25 percent of women discovered evidence of breast cancer by doing self-exams). Breast self-exams involve palpating the breast tissue, and examining yourself regularly from all angles. It’s not really meant to be a relaxing process.

Keep in mind, though, there really isn’t scientific research on breast massage—so think of the benefits as anecdotal. Breast massage isn’t harmful, though, so it’s totally fine to experiment with it.

Not only that, but it can help new moms who choose to breastfeed in a big way: Regularly massaging the breasts can keep the milk, along with the blood flow, moving through the breasts and may make the whole process easier and less painful.

Breast massage may aid lymphatic drainage

The breasts are part of the lymphatic system (so are the armpits), which can become congested and have blockages, particularly if you’ve had a surgery in the chest or breast area. Massaging and releasing stagnation in the chest area can help detox the lymphatic system—you may feel a release from your sinuses and feel the need to blow your nose afterward, Berman says. It’s important to work or have the practitioner work especially on the armpits, where the lymph nodes are concentrated, for additional release, Berman adds. (If you have had surgery in the chest or breast area, speak with the your doctor about breast massage first.)

Breast massage can provide relief from swelling

During your period or if you’re breastfeeding, you may experience achy, sore boobs that could use a little bit of TLC from breast massage.

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