Structured around the butterfly motion, a sequence of signature application gestures, Valmont treatments are instantly recognizable. Orchestrated with choreographic precision, they guide the skin’s metamorphosis to absolute beauty. The skin is visibly transformed: radiant and re-plumped, fresh and glowing, it arouses admiration and covetous gazes.

Valmont Vitality of the Body is a thoroughly energizing anti-aging treatment including an original massage technique to relax and reinvigorate the skin.

With this resolutely anti-aging and revitalizing treatment, Valmont showcases its cosmetic and technical expertise to erase the vestiges of time on the body.

The Vitality of the Body treatment stimulates and energizes tired skin and sore muscles.

The treatment begins slowly and gently with a regenerating Echinacea-based oil carefully applied using the famous butterfly motion.

The butterfly motion promotes the precise application of the products, and fosters ultimate release, dispelling nervous tension for even more visibly relaxed features. It also serves to revive microcirculation and stimulate lymphatic exchanges, instrumental in eliminating toxins.

As the minutes slowly tick by, the subtle alternation of delicate and profound, quick and lingering movements calms and rouses the body.

Thanks to BODY 24 HOUR, the skin is replete with hydrating ingredients and reveals its full tone, softness and flexibility.

And to start out on the right foot, this treatment offers the additional highlight of concluding with an active and revitalizing back massage.

In 60 minutes, the client regains dynamic energy, vivacity… and incredibly soft skin!