Dermosonic is a patented technology that provides a safe effective treatment that temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite, increases circulation and relieves minor muscle aches. The Dermosonic ® Method improves the tone of the skin by targeting the dermis and subdermis layer of the skin with two specific non surgical therapies – ultrasound and vacuum pressure massage/ non invasive sub-dermal therapy. Ultrasound and vacuum pressure complement each other for a unified aesthetic and healthy body experience.

How It Works:

Ultrasound treatments soften the “extra” fatty deposits and facilitate the relaxing of the hardened connective tissue (a primary contributor to the appearance of cellulite) in the sub-cutaneous layer of the skin. Vacuum massage encourages collagen growth by gently stimulating circulation and moving toxins and waste through the lymphatic system.

The therapy is a proven non-invasive, non-surgical comprehensive cellulite treatment method. The treatment experience is comparable to a massage; there is no downtime and little to no discomfort during the procedure. The typical treatment regime consists of two 60 minute sessions per week for 6 weeks followed by monthly maintenance. After one package of sessions most women boast a smoother, more firm and toned appearance with an accompanying size reduction to the treated areas.

Dermosonic on Cellulite:

Cellulite is a skin condition that affects more than 80% of women over the age of 20. It results from engorged fat cells trapped in a network of collagen located deep within the skin. The product of these engorged fat cells is unsightly lumpy dimpled skin that resembles the look of orange peels or cottage cheese. It appears most often on the hips, thighs, and buttocks. Dermasonic works to eliminate the look of cottage cheese by stimulating circulation and softening the fat deposits and facilitating the fat disbursement through the lymph system. It is the first cellulite method to combine ultrasonic energy with vibration and suction. The Dermasonic Body Contouring System applies ultrasound technology with vibration and suction to target and reduce the appearance of cellulite. The ultrasound waves work to stimulate the circulation and loosen the fat bonds. Then suction and vibration stimulate the fat to be moved out through natural elimination methods.

What to Expect During the Session:

Dermosonic is a machine assisted massage concentrating on specific areas of the body, it does not cover the entire body. The Dermosonic machine uses vacuum pressure to grip and stimulate the outer layers of your skin during the session. A massage cream is used to allow the machine head to easily glide over your body. The head is moved in very specific sequences as it grips and releases the outer layers of your skin. Depending on the pressure used during the session, the suction and release can be mildly uncomfortable. Please advise the technician if you feel any discomfort during the session.

What to Expect After the Session:

Some people feel like they worked out some of their muscles at the gym after a Dermosonic session, other feel refreshed and relaxed. You may notice the need to go to the bathroom after the sesssion, this is normal and is a byproduct of your body doing its part to help remove fluid from your body. Drinking more fluids after your session will help this natural detox process. Refrain from showering or exercising.

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